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Outi Condit is a Helsinki-based actor/performance maker/artistic researcher with a MA in acting from the University of Tampere. Much of her work explores embodied power relations and intimacy within performative arrangements. She is currently doing her artistic doctorate on the embodied politics of the stage in the Performing Arts Research Centre, University of Arts Helsinki. […]

Ten years of Tutke Esa Kirkkopelto & Leena Rouhiainen

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The anthology Poetics of form is a compilation edited and written by doctoral students, and it celebrates the past ten years at the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) of the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. During these years Tutke has been responsible for the research and the doctoral training at the […]

Kymmenen vuotta Tutkea Esa Kirkkopelto & Leena Rouhiainen

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Poetics of form -antologia on tohtoriopiskelijoiden toimittama ja kirjoittama kokonaisuus, joka juhlistaa Taideyliopiston (TaiY) Teatterikorkeakoulun (TeaK) Esittävien taiteiden tutkimuskeskuksen (Tutke) kymmenvuotista taivalta. Sinä aikana Tutke on vastannut Teatterikorkeakoulussa tutkimuksesta ja tohtorikoulutuksesta, jonka keskiössä on ollut TeaKin edustamien alojen taiteellinen tutkimus. Näihin aloihin lukeutuvat tanssi- ja teatteritaide, tanssi- ja teatteripedagogiikka, esitystaide sekä valo- ja äänisuunnittelu. Tässä […]

Introduction: Editorial Fiction Outi Condit & Liisa Jaakonaho

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Imagine this dialogue As a chat on Messenger As a screen-recorded script performed live on Google Docs As a dialogue floating on top of more urgent, discordant dialogues As a Java- and CSS-animated, interactive interface   – Hello! – Hi! So here we are! – Writing an editorial for Nivel08: Poetics of Form. Performing Arts Research […]

Tero Nauha A Performance Entangled with Philosophy

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Philosophy is a science that investigates being as it is being, or beings, in so far as they are beings, regarding that philosophy is metaphysics. However, the framework for philosophical practice for many contemporary thinkers does not fit in this paradigm. For instance, distinction or difference has been in dispute for contemporary philosophy from Friedrich […]

Simo Kellokumpu Meteor

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This essay introduces shifts that have been produced in my ongoing doctoral artistic research project. These shifts are formed by movements from contextual choreographic practice to atmospheric choreography, and from the practice of a choreographer to a choreoreader. My artistic research-project, which started in 2013 as Contextual Choreography has in three and half years evolved […]

Sami Henrik Haapala Writing at Play

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Welcome The journey through the whole exposition takes approx. 25 min. You can only access the last video of the exposition after having watched all the previous videos. You can start the exposition by clicking on the photo.

Haapala video

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The videos on this page appear in random order each time the page is refreshed. The videos are not meant to be watched in any specific order. You can only access the last video of the exposition after having watched all the previous videos.


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If you would like to give feedback or ask more about the project, you can send an e-mail to the author here     Credits Exposition Concept and design: Sami Henrik Haapala Actors in the videos: Anna Korolainen, Emilia Kokko and Sami Henrik Haapala Photographer: Marko Mäkinen Videographer and editing: Arttu Nieminen and Sami Henrik […]