Resonant Impulses

On this page you can access a short video trailer which summarizes the workshop of The Real Health Center which was realized in August 2017 in a public space in Helsinki. The clip aims to give a short, but broad view of the whole workshop. The other videos in this exposition highlight other resonant aspects of the research.

This exposition exposes the second artistic part of an artistic doctoral thesis.

The research questions are:

Main research question: How can a performer co-create meaning together with the participant in participatory and immersive performances?

Research question for this artistic part: How can we train a performer for participatory and immersive performances in which they will have to work with the unpredictable impulses of unknown audiences?

This research exposition shows a distinctive approach to performer training that uses play testing with an unknown audience as a training method. This training method was developed in order to train performers in participatory and immersive performances to the specific kind of unpredictable impulses that arise from performing with unknown audience members. The exposition aims to reveal the method by transposing discursive knowledge gained from/in/by research in these kinds of performances to an online exposition that in its form and manner of presentation would resonate with some of the qualities associated with participatory and immersive performances.


Resonant Impulses (the exposition) (2019):

Research, workshop leader, footage of the GoPro cameras, design of all recording, editing and website:

Sami Henrik Haapala

Design of recording, footage and editing together with the researcher:

Arttu Nieminen

The researcher has designed the website together with a web designer who has executed the technical realization of the website. Due to the contract the web designer has with the University of the Arts Helsinki their name can’t be mentioned here.

Dear thank you to all the (p)articipants of the workshop, to my supervisors, professors, peers and examiners.

The Real Health Center, the workshop (2017):

Planning of the workshop and facilitator: Sami Henrik Haapala

The Real Health Center, the performance (2016):

Concept, production, direction, researcher, one of the performers (Doctor): Sami Henrik Haapala

Co-director: Tassos Stevens
Costume design: Kaisa Kemikoski
Researcher: Ann Ojala
Performer (Doctor): Emilia Kokko
Performer (Doctor): Olli Kontulainen
Performer (Nurse at the Reception): Anna Korolainen
Performer (Nurse at the Waiting Room): Tiia Veneranta
Photographer and graphic designer: Marko Mäkinen
Technical assistants: Louis Crevier and Eero Tiainen
Videographer and editing: Arttu Nieminen and Sami Henrik Haapala

This exposition is dedicated to Fredrika, Terhi, Sampo and Timi.