Jane is a Jungian Analyst, Focusing Trainer and Teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. She was part of the UK Higher Education development of practice-as-research in performance. She is interested in the development of unique methodological approaches developed by artist researchers through and by practice. She is co-editor of Choreographic Practices Journal and co-Director of the Choreographic Lab. Recent publications include: ‘Informed by the goddess: Explicating a processual methodology’, Dance, Movement & Spiritualities, 4:1, 2017; ‘Authentic Movement: a field of practices’, Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, vol 7.2, 2015; ‘Authentic Movement as wellbeing practice’, in Oxford Handbook for Dance and Movement for Wellbeing 2017, 149–164; Creative Articulations Process, (with Midgelow, V.). In Articulations, Choreographic Practices Vol 5.1, 2014; ‘Embodied and Direct Experience in Performance Studies’, in Contemporary Ethnography and Performance Studies, 2013.