Dr. Pil Hansen is an Associate Professor at the School of Creative and Performing Arts, University of Calgary (Canada), a founding member of Vertical City Performance, and a dance/devising dramaturg. Her empirical and Practice-as-Research experiments examine the effect on memory, perception, and cognitive flexibility of creative processes. Hansen developed the tool-set “Perceptual Dramaturgy” and, with Bruce Barton, the interdisciplinary research model “Research-Based Practice.” Her scholarly research is published in TDR: The Drama Review, Performance Research, Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Connection Science, Theatre Topics, Canadian Theatre Review, Peripiti, Koreografisk Journal, MAPA D2, and thirteen essay collections. Hansen is primary editor of Dance Dramaturgy: Modes of Agency, Awareness and Engagement (2015) and Performing the Remembered Present: The Cognition of Memory in Dance, Theatre and Music (2017). She has also dramaturged 27 artistic works, many of which have won awards and toured nationally and internationally.