MA Riikka Theresa Innanen is a Finnish Artist, Activist and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She currently holds a position as part-time lecturer at MA Program in Dance Pedagogy, Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.

Her MA thesis for Aalto University in 2020 Touch and Revolution | On Social Choreography. Book 1: Action has been called “a riot” and a “visionary approach” to writing choreographically with relevance to our times.

She has curated several events such as Side Step Festival (2001–2009) and taught and performed internationally since graduating from SNDO in Amsterdam in 1997. Her works include a wide range of disciplines from dance and choreography to film and installations.

Her film works include Out 2, a collectively created film installation based on Jacques Rivette’s film Out 1 shown at the Research Pavilion, Venice Biennale in 2017. A documentary film about her work Vad är konsten bra för (directed by Barbro Björkfelt, 2016) is available on the Finnish YLE Areena. Her Kundalini yoga and meditation practice (what she calls Inner Activism) aims to promote feminist leadership skills, societal consciousness and spiritual, cultural and intersectional sensitivity, on a wide range of platforms.