Dear experiencer. Collected below is a set of work diary entries and experiments that I have considered as relevant for both the first intersection and presentation of thoughts, actions and remarks that took place in the Networked Actor Theory-event in spring 2019, and the second intersection taking place in this research exposition. They attempt to approach the question of how to convey in written or presentational form something that happens in the liminal area between collapsing linguistic meaning and emerging sonic structures within technological voice-processing in performative situations. The intersection of medial, linguistic, bodily and material processes is a fuzzy territory that cannot be contained in any of those domains alone. It presents a challenge to the expositional practices of artistic research: how to grasp and describe these fleeting, unstable constellations forming and falling apart in unpredictable ways, as demonstrated in the experiment below. 

This sense-affective quality is “of a different kind than the well-defined discursive separation between presence and past, actuality and history.” (Ernst 2014, 148). It is a modulation of the perception of presence, created by the actions of ”ultra-short intermediary archives” (Ernst 2014, 153), which feel like presence. This modulation, the feeling of it, is the process that I am trying to circumscribe and describe by linguistic means in this exposition.

There are two versions of this text: the diary entries and experiments are arranged according to two different logics and you, dear experiencer, may choose either or both of them. They are identical in their textual content.