Tuesday 27 Aug 2019 Pre Conference Day

14.00–17.30 Trip around places in Helsinki without a trip advisor

Something historical, something political, something beautiful, something emerging and maybe something to eat at the end? Come along!

18.00–20.30 Musical: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Wednesday 28 Aug 2019

9.15–9.30 Opening of the conference Day 1

Leena Rouhiainen
Vice Dean, Head of the Performing Arts Research Centre, Professor in Artistic Research

9.30–10.30 Session 1, Kiasma Theatre

Plenary Session: 
Moderator: Leena Rouhiainen

Professor Erin Manning (CAN)
How Do We Repair?

11.00–12.30 Session 2, Kiasma Theatre

Moderator: Pilvi Porkola

Esa Kirkkopelto
Componential Bodies in Intermedial Settings (lecture-performance 60 min)

Joonas Lahtinen
What Should the Body Do? On Artistic Research, Power and Perception (Paper presentation 30 min)

11.00–12.30 Session 3, Outdoors

Moderator: Jana Unmüßig

Javier R. Casado
A Practice which is not Labour (workshop 75 min)

14.15–16.00 Session 4, Kiasma Theatre

Moderator: Susanna Hast

Simo Kellokumpu, Outi Condit and Vincent Roumagnac
Q̶͈̬̿͝l̴̛̬̝̒o̵̰̍̔ǘ̴̼ḓ̷̟̓̅s̷̻̦̆Q̸̠̿͒u̷͓͚͊̽A̸̛̘͝r̷̖͈̀͝ṭ̶̏͘z̶̩̩͛re (performative experiment 75 min)

14.15–16.00 Session 5, Outdoors

Moderator: Karolina Kucia

Barbara Kremser
Leo – about the disappearance of escapist places (other artistic research arrangement 60 min)

16.15–17.00 Session 6, Kiasma Theatre

Moderator: Annette Arlander

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Unperforming Sound: from the Margins of Artistic Research (lecture-performance 45 min)

Elina Saloranta
Letter-Writing as Artistic Research (Performative experiment 30 min)

16.15–17.00 Session 7, Seminar room

Moderator: Siiri-Maija Heino

Sebastian Adams and Jools Gilson Drench
Raining on the Radio and Other Stories (Transdisciplinary dialogues 75 min)

17.30–19.00 Conference Reception

Welcoming Speech
Jaana Erkkilä-Hill
Vice-Rector in doctoral Education and Research, Uniarts Helsinki

Thursday 29 Aug 2019

9.15–9.30 Opening of Day 2

9.30–10.45 Session 8

Plenary session
Moderator: Leena Rouhiainen

Professor Sibylle Peters (GER)
Performing the Right to Research

11.15–12.45 Session 9, Kiasma Theatre

Moderator: Siiri Maija-Heino

Annette Arlander, Hanna Järvinen, Tero Nauha and Pilvi Porkola
The Transformative Potential of Performance (lecture-demonstration 60 min)

11.15–12.45 Session 10, Seminar room

Moderator: Karolina Kucia

Dominique Rivoal
Dyadic Encounter Between Artists (workshop 90 min)

14.15–16.15 Session 11, Kiasma Theatre

Moderator: Laura Gröndahl

Anna Nazo
Granular Slit (Performative experiment 45 min)

Patrick Müller
Remediating Performance: Playing in the Digital Network (lecture-performance 45 min)

14.15–16.15 Session 12, Seminar room

Moderator: Siiri-Maija Heino

Karolina Kucia
Parasite, Monster and Exit – Mutation Exercises (workshop 60 min)

Susanna Hast
Walking with Soldiers: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cadets (lecture-performance 45 min)

16.30–17.45 Session 13, Kiasma Theatre

Moderator: Leena Rouhiainen

Elpida Rikou and Katerina Konstantinou
Doing Artistic Research in Greece Today: Cases in Point (paper presentation 30 min)

Falk Hübner
Against Method? Common Ground? (paper presentation 30 min)

16.30–17.45 Session 14, Seminar room/Outdoors

Ajauksia Group
Sensory Experiences: An Articulating Encountering and Perceiving Body in Urban Space (workshop 60 min)

Friday 30 Aug 2020

9.15–9.30 Opening of Day 3

9.30–10.45 Session 15

Plenary Session

Moderator: Kirsi Heimonen

Professor Adrian Heathfield (GRB)
Little Nothings

11.15–12.45 Session 16, Kiasma Theatre

Moderator: Outi Condit

Lucie Strecker
Applied Microperformativity: Report on an Experimental Symposium (lecture-demonstration 30 min)

Janhavi Dhamankar and Martin Rumori
I Am Here Facing Taxt Becoming Text (lecture-performance 30 min)

11.15–12.45 Session 17, Seminar room

Moderator: Lynda Gaudreau

Jana Unmüßig
Keep on Threading or: TITLE (performative experiment 90 min)

14.15–15.45 Session 18, Kiasma Theatre

Moderator: Karolina Kucia

Verena Lercher, Gerrit K. Sharma and Denzel Russel
PasdedeuX – Linguistic Research Installation, Using Discarded Media, for 16 Turntables and 2 Performers (performative experiment 60 min)

14.15–15.45 Session 19, Seminar Room

Moderator: Lynda Gaudreau

Jana Unmüßig
Keep Threading or: TITLE (Performative experiment continues)

15.30–16.30 Session 19, Kiasma Theatre

Plenary Session

Opening of the post-conference event FUTURE MANIFESTOS

Moderator: Hanna Järvinen

Professor Vida Midgelow (GRB)
Making a Difference Via Sensuous Knowledge: The Artistic Doctoral Space

17.30–20.00 Zodiak Center for New Dance

Bye Bye CARPA6 & Welcome Future Manifestos (ADiE)


Maija Hirvanen
Art and Love (Performance)

Conference committee

Chair: Professor in Artistic Research Leena Rouhiainen, Performing Arts Research Centre, Theatre Academy, Uniarts Helsinki 

Postdoctoral researcher Kirsi Heimonen, CfAR and Performing Arts Research Centre, Uniarts Helsinki

Postdoctoral researcher Paula Kramer, CfAR and Performing Arts Research Centre, Uniarts Helsinki

Professor in Artistic Research Tuija Kokkonen, Performing Arts Research Centre, Theatre Academy, Uniarts Helsinki

Conference team

Conference Manager Riitta Pasanen-Willberg, Theatre Academy, Uniarts Helsinki 

Technical Manager Ilpo Heikkinen, Theatre Academy, Uniarts Helsinki

Project Coordinator Johanna Rauhaniemi, Uniarts Helsinki