Suoraan sisältöön
  • Annette Arlander

    Annette Arlander, DA, artist, researcher and a pedagogue, one of the pioneers of Finnish performance […]

  • Rachel Armstrong

    Rachel Armstrong is Professor of Experimental Architecture at the School of Architecture, Newcastle University, Visiting […]

  • Pablo Alvez Artinprocess

    Pablo Alvez Artinprocess is a professionalised performance artist holding a PhD in poverty economics (Univ. […]

  • Marjolijn van den Berg

    Marjolijn van den Berg: (BA Writing for Performance, MA Education in Arts), lecturer Writing as […]

  • Christian Bök

    Dr. Christian Bök (FRSC) is the author of Eunoia – a bestselling work of experimental […]

  • Julia Calver

    Julia Calver is an artist and writer working with experimental linguistic morphologies. She is undertaking […]

  • Nayarí Castillo

    Nayarí Castillo is trained as molecular biologist, and works as installation artist focusing on interventions […]

  • Laura Castro

    Laura Castro is a poet, performer and adjunct professor at University of Bahia, in Brazil, […]

  • Eka Chabashvili

    Eka Chabashvili – composer, prizewinner of international competitions, Doctor of Musical Arts, Associate Professor at […]

  • Nirav Christophe

    Nirav Christophe writes for theatre and radio and his radio plays have been broadcast in […]

  • Tuire Colliander

    Tuire Colliander is a dancer, dance pedagogue and PhD student in Tutke, Uniarts Helsinki. Her […]

  • Candice Didonet

    Candice Didonet is an artist of the body and assistant professor at University of Paraíba […]

  • Tim Etchells

    Tim Etchells (b. 1962, UK) is an artist and writer based in the UK whose […]

  • Maria Fusco

    Professor Maria Fusco is an award-winning Belfast born writer, working across the registers of fiction, […]

  • Laura González

    Laura González’s (Athenaeum Research Fellow, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) work falls between medical humanities, psychoanalysis, […]

  • Marija Griniuk

    Marija Griniuk is a Lithuanian artist and a PhD Candidate at the University of Lapland, […]

  • Kirsi Heimonen

    Dr Kirsi Heimonen is a university researcher at the Centre for Artistic Research of the […]

  • Rolf Hughes

    Rolf Hughes is Professor of the Epistemology of Design-Driven Research at KU Leuven and Director […]

  • Margarete Jahrmann

    Margarete Jahrmann, is an artist, researcher and game designer. She is Univ.-Prof. in the artistic […]

  • Nino Jvania

    Nino Jvania studied piano and musicology at Tbilisi Conservatoire and R.Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf. She is the […]

  • Tuomas Laitinen

    My background is in participatory and experiential forms of theatre and performance art, with a […]

  • Andy Lock

    Andrew Lock is an artist, researcher and educator. Andy Lock is currently an assistant professor […]

  • Georg Luif

    Georg Luif is a game developer and researcher, who lives and works in Vienna., Austria. […]

  • Daniela Moosmann

    Daniela Moosmann: BA New Dance Developments, BA Writing for Performance, MA Theatre Studies, HKU-lecturer Writing […]

  • Tue Brisson Mosich

    Tue Brisson Mosich, MSc in Computer Science and Performance Design. After many years of working […]

  • Stuart Mugridge

    Stuart Mugridge is an independent artist-researcher and word meddler living in Norfolk, England. His work […]

  • Ninke Overbeek

    Ninke Overbeek: (BA Writing for Performance, BA Theatre Studies, MA Comparative Cultural Analysis), fiction-author and […]

  • Allyson Packer

    Allyson Packer is an artist and educator whose work investigates what embodied experience can articulate […]

  • Thea Patterson

    Thea Patterson (BFA, MA, PhD Student) is a Montreal-based choreographer, performer, and dramaturg. Her research […]

  • Johanna Pentikäinen

    Johanna Pentikäinen: I am a devoted writer as well as a writing teacher and researcher. […]

  • Ilse van Rijn

    Ilse van Rijn is a writer and art historian. She researches the relations between image […]

  • Frida Robles

    Frida Robles Ponce is an independent artist and curator. She has been an artist in […]

  • Conference Chair Leena Rouhiainen

    Dr. Leena Rouhiainen is Professor in Artistic Research at the Theatre Academy of the University of […]

  • Vincent Roumagnac

    Vincent Roumagnac is a French-Basque theatre artist and a researcher interested in the way, the […]

  • Charlotta Ruth

    Charlotta Ruth (S/A) plays with time and perception inside choreography, participatory art and arts based […]

  • Hanns Holger Rutz

    Hanns Holger Rutz is a sound and digital artist, composer, performer, and researcher. He holds […]

  • Rachel Kaminski Sanders

    Rachel Kaminski Sanders received her doctoral degree in language and literacy education after producing a […]

  • Mia Seppälä

    Mia Seppälä is an artist, researcher and teacher at The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, […]

  • Lin Snelling

    Lin Snelling’s performance, writing and teaching is based in the qualities improvisation can offer as […]

  • Juan Vassallo

    Juan Vassallo (BMus, MA) is an Argentinian composer, pianist and media artist. Currently he is […]

  • Tamar Zhvania

    Tamar Zhvania – pianist, Doctor of Musical Arts, teacher at Tbilisi V.Sarajishvili State Conservatoire. She […]