A kind of mime technique, where one or two figurants, with accurate poses and movements, serve the actor by acting as objects (a table, a chair, a door, etc.) They are a set of objects in the space (an airplane, a ship). The figurants may also play characters needed for the story.

Exercise 3.269: Auto-figuration: The actor uses his hand as a cap, his fingers as a comb, a finger as a cigar, etc.

Exercise 3.270:[257] The human servant: The actor uses his servant body for washing his face, brushing his teeth, giving him a bath, using soap, putting his coat or belt on, etc.

Exercise 3.271: Group exercise. Describe being in the forest, a trip, a walk through a garden, etc., with the help of figuration elements. Improvisation.

Exercise 3.272: The pirate ship. Three to five actors. In some scenes the actors are the pirates, in other scenes they function as cannon, cannonballs, guns, the mast, the sails, etc. Improvisation.