The talent of the actor does not exist, as you might suppose, to feel, but with precision to reproduce the signs of the sentiments that will deceive you…

Denis Diderot[206]

In the third study level, built on the mastery of levels I and II, the body becomes a superb tool for diegesis. Dedicated work (and drills) for years is necessary to reach this far.

The techniques of illusion – mime proper – of absent spaces, objects and people are learnt and practised. Emotions are expressed with the whole body, as well as with the face and hands.

The performer must be able to make conscient choices and move with perfection. The result is the movement of the puppet, dreamt about by Gordon Craig, the perfect control of all body parts, including the hands, face and eyes. The body is ready to express a poetic multiverse.

The virtuoso body is the quasi-end-product, the ideal to reach, with specific skills. (Different kinds of supplementary forms of training should be added to the training described here: further acrobatics, classical dance, martial arts, Asian theatre techniques, etc.)

Attention! The virtuoso body tends to turn into an aim itself and loses its dramatic connection, sometimes becoming ‘pure circus’.

  1. Body education III: energy and energy shift, flow, positions and poses
  2. Voice and body III: Breathing techniques and applications
  3. Acrobatics III: Applied acrobatics, couple acrobatics and pyramids (not treated here)
  4. Movement analysis III: ways to move, such as: éclosion, segmentation, pendulum movements, pivots and turns, balance and falling, dynamic patterns and the uses of space, and dramatic action. The law of opposition, the shifts of rhythm and energy, positions and poses, alternation, ‘protest and contrast’.
  5. Illusion mime: manipulation of objects, fixpoint, push and pull, locomotion, actions with tools, mimed sport.
  6. Mimed figuration
  7. Pantomime: Hands and facial expression
  8. Improvisation III

Games and Limbering-up excercises III

Games are not necessary anymore but they sometimes help to relax the work atmosphere. The attitude to the work is ludus, professional. Warm-ups and limbering-up exercises as per level II.